Friday, April 5, 2013

Do you Dojo?

Do you struggle with classroom management?  Is paperwork getting you down?  Do you have difficulties keeping up with different behavior plans?  Well, have no fear!  ClassDojo is here!

Seriously... You have got to try this!  It is a free classroom real-time management system that you can use on your computer, smart phone, iPod, and iPad.  It will even sync between them all.  I log in on the computer, and walk the classroom with my phone! It is amazing!  Once spring break is done, I officially switch to this instead of the Look Book and Reminder Binder.  I am even going to stop using my paper behavior plans for my little friends that need extra reinforcement.

This doozy of a website/app is customizable so that you can load all your students in, create the tags you want for positive behavior and negative behavior, set up parent email notifications, and even give the students logins so they can change their avatar and see their progress.  This system tracks behavior and attendance.  It will keep data each day and you can see an accumulated score, or per day.  If you turn on the sound, the students hear a chime for positive and a "bwah" for negative behavior.  Its amazing what a little noise can do!   My students love to see their points at the end of the day and to see the percent of positive behavior for the entire class.

There are so many great things about this program, that I wanted to create a way for me reward my students for earning the positive points.  I created a supplemental packet for users of Class Dojo!  I have it in my TeachersPayTeachers store.  Even if you don't want the packet, you REALLY must try Dojo!

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