Monday, September 3, 2012

Writing Center and a Freebie!

My students this year will do a lot of prewriting, copying of model writing, and creating rough drafts in their personal journals.  When it is time to publish, they will take advantage of the "writing center" space.  Behind my desk is a large space with a privacy desk.  Next to the desk is my center.  It is a 10 drawer cart on wheels.  I labeled each drawer with a different title.  I based these on the materials I have available and the tools/papers I thought my 2nd graders would like to use.  One drawer is writing utensils. Another has tools like staplers, hole punches, and tape.  There is a drawer where I will keep prewriting sheets we have learned to complete.  The 7 drawers beyond that are filled with different types of paper.  I have write/draw, notebook, primary writing, stationary, cards/postcards, and colored paper. I have blank copy paper stored in another area if the students wish to use that. I hope when I introduce this area, that the students get excited to choose the way they wish to publish!  

On the top of the cart, I bought a metal dish rack to store the students' folders. Each folder is numbered to match my student numbers.  Inside they will story their finished writing pieces.  I used the silverware cup to become my "Colorful pens for colorful words" container.  I would love to take credit for the use of the dish rack and pens, but I found both in the fabulous world of pinterest!

Writing Center Drawer Labels

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